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In winter special care should be taken when applying paints and coatings due to various reasons, as follows:-

A, Most decorators know that the drying time of paint is completely different than the curing time which may be up to 7 days, a harsh frost can penetrate the substrate of the coating in this time and cause it to lift later.


B, When the weather is below 5 degrees the drying time of almost all paint is affected and should that paint begin to freeze the water particles can enter the structure of the paint and cause the finish to bloom and crack.


C, When painting exterior surfaces extreme care must be taken to ensure you are not painting over ice, just like a road, certain ice cannot be see but it can be there and will stop adhesion to the surface, thus preventing the coating from doing its job and also promoting the possibilities of rust forming behind the paint at a later date.


D, Most paint require a certain amount of evaporation to dry, again this drying time is important for the resins to bond to each other on a molecular level to ensure adhesion and protection, when the temperature is too low this evaporation drying ceases and the paints dry out too slowly causing again cracking and bad surface adhesion.


So a few dos and donts to help

Most paints require a 5 degree centigrade temp to dry correctly. If the paint takes too long to dry you will get surface problems, sagging, blooming, surface curing and then wrinkles. Gloss will not be that glossy too.


Because night time ambient temperature and substrate temperatures must not fall below 35 F. for two days after painting, pick exterior painting days with an eye to the weather forecast. Dont paint on a day when a freeze is expected that night.


Be mindful of the dewpoint, too, that set-point where air temperature and humidity meet to form moisture on surfaces. In colder weather, the humidity goes up as the temperature goes down, causing dewpoints to vary and moisture to form unpredictably. Moisture is a problem with most paints at any time, but in cold weather it can easily become frost, hard to see but extremely detrimental to any painting project.


Please remember we supply paint for a living if we could supply paint that you could paint in freezing weather then we would, (there are some very special 2 packs that can go down to minus 10degrees but these are very expensive and are restrictive on their uses.