Exterior Paint

High adhesion PlioliteŽ based masonry coating. Resists attack by alkalis, acid and mould growth. Shower proof in 20 minutes so you can use it all year round

ˇ Shower-proof in 20 minutes - So you can use it all year round!

ˇ Dries in temperatures down to -10ēc - Beats even the British weather

ˇ Apply by Brush, Roller or Spray - Easy & convenient

ˇ Resists attack from alkalis, acid and mould growth - Looks better for longer

ˇ Recoatable in 16 hours - Get the job finished quickly


Available in White and Pastel Colours.

Tin Size 5 Ltr

Macpherson Powerkote Smooth

Sandtex Smooth Masonary

Smooth Masonry is a premium quality weather and mould resistant masonry coating with an attractive matt finish.

       Available in white, magnolia, black and a range of bases for tinting.

       Tin Sizes :  5 ltr

The right Start to the Perfect Finish

Interior Wood Finishes

Product Range

Macpherson Gloss allows you to achieve the high sheen finish you can be proud of - and because we use a superior quality alkyd resin in the formulation, those good looks will stand the test of time

ˇ Inhibits chalking & early yellowing - Stands the test of time

ˇ Covers up to 16m˛ per litre - Very cost effective

ˇ Recoatable in 16 hours - Get the job finished quickly

ˇ Apply by Roller or Brush - Use a fine, soft, long filament bristle brush for best results

ˇ Available in 1, 2.5 & 5L - Perfect whatever the job


Brilliant White, and available to tint in over 7000 colours - A colour for everyone

Macpherson Gloss

Macpherson Undercoat helps you get the most from Macpherson Gloss. It flows easily and has great covering power; the perfect non-absorbent base to achieve maximum impact from our high sheen gloss colours

ˇ Covers up to 15m˛ per litre - Cost effective

ˇ Good flow properties - Easy to apply

ˇ Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L pack sizes - A size for every job

ˇ For use on both wood & metal - A good all-rounder


Provides a perfect non-absorbent base for Macpherson Gloss

Macpherson Undercoat