When it comes to repainting your craft we can assist with a wide variety of finishes, and  products from the bottom to the top.

Glosses,  Our gloss finishes have been chosen from some of the best suitable coatings on the market,  They give a deep rich shine and will dry to an almost glass like finish. They are designed to take the wear and tear of everyday boating and are scratch resistant easy to apply and fast drying. These available in a huge variety of colours and can even be made to your own custom match.


Primers, We can offer a wide variety of primers to suit all your needs, from the basic Zinc phosphates in numerous colours to the Rich Zinc primer sand 2 pack epoxy coatings all generally available ex stock in sizes to suit your needs.


Hull Coatings, From your standard bitumen coatings to antifouling and 2 pack Pitch epoxy to extend the life of the waterline or below we can supply these ex stock.

Anti Slip Our range of anti slip products and tapes are usually available ex stock and come in a wide variety of colours, These can be used on the deck edge and walkways anywhere on your boat,

We also supply a wide selection of soft grip anti slip products for use below decks offering a vinyl type hard wearing finish but still offering an low slip surface.

Should you prefer the older method of anti slip we can arrange for the product to be mixed into your decking floor paint and edge walkways.

The Showroom Our showroom contains almost everything you will need to assist you in tidying up your investment, From the simple Rust treatment products and Primers to a range of fillers for wood metal and fibreglass, Sanding products and a wide range of ancillary tools and equipment including brushes –rollers - cleaning products—thinners –strippers– and many many more.


Varnishes We supply a varied and wide range of sealers and varnishes from acrylics and waterbased finishes offering high gloss and none yellowing coating that is uv resistant in a range of finishes  to the high end yacht Varnishes offering a hard wearing and long life. 

Should you require a tint to suit a specific requirement don't hesitate to ask.

Wood oils are also available for the traditionalists amongst you in a range of types and colours.

We pride ourselves on being old fashioned what we don't know we try to find out, we will help to make your task as simple as possible and will never knowingly overcharge for a product.

The paint and products we supply are some of the best in the country and we have supplied paints for some beautiful boats

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