Hi Solids Holding Primer Black
...high performance compliant high solids solvent based air drying anti-corrosive one coat finish based on a modified alkyd resin.
...air-drying transit coat for airless spray application onto steel pipes and tubes, in applications where the use of a water based coating is not possible.

Can be over-coated with most single pack intermediates.
Silicone Enamel
...specialised product based on a pure silicone resin pigmented with aluminium flake for high temperature service.
...can be used on surfaces up to 600?C.
...boiler pipes, flare stacks, fire surrounds, exhaust pipes, auto manifolds and most metallic surfaces subject to high temperature.

Usually a one-coat system.
Compliant Coating primerless coating
...specially formulated single application high build compliant coating based on a fast drying high solid alkyd resin.
...excellent chip resistance, corrosion and seawater resistance, verified by salt spray and humidity evaluations.
...for containers, machinery and general steel fabrications used in marine, industrial and other aggressive environments. Ideal for mechanically prepared surfaces.

Two Pack  Etch Primer
...air drying anticorrosive etching primer based on a modified vinyl resin designed to promote adhesion to metallic substrates. effective adhesion promoter for ferrous and non ferrous substrates, particularly aluminium.

Can be overcoated with a range of finishes.
Chlorinated Rubber Zinc Primer
...chlorinated rubber primer which gives high cathodic protection with 70% metallic zinc in the dry film. It exhibits superb adhesion and anti-corrosion properties in extreme environments. This product can be applied down to 0YC.
...for new construction and repair work on superstructures, steel fabrications etc. where a chlorinated rubber finish is to be used and maximum corrosion resistance is required.
Chlorinated Primer
...medium to high build chlorinated rubber primer with a high degree of corrosion resistance for outstanding performance on ferrous structures in aggressive environments.
...this product is highly impervious to water. part of the chlorinated rubber system it gives ideal anti-corrosive properties to metalwork, superstructures, hulls and agricultural equipment where high humidity and aggressive exposure conditions are present. This product can be applied down to 0YC.
Epoxy Anticorrosive Primer
...two pack polyamide cured epoxy primer with highly effective anticorrosion properties, designed for application to blasted steel in pre and post fabrication stages and as a maintenance primer for mechanically cleaned steel in exposed and aggressive environments.
...product is also weldable (see certification/approvals) and moisture tolerant.
...versatile fabrication and maintenance primer for industrial locations, chemical plants and general fabrication work where a good value but effective protection is required.
...can be left for up to six months before overcoating with a wide range of products.
Epoxy Zinc Primer (1 Pack)
...single pack epoxy shop primer with a high zinc content for the protection of steel structures against corrosion during construction.
...ideal for blast cleaned steel where a fast drying time is required. be overcoated with a variety of topcoats.
...can be used for the maintenance of zinc based primers.
Etch Primer (Single Pack)
...ideal shop primer for ferrous and non ferrous surfaces.
...rapid drying PVB based acid cured etch primer for steel and aluminium.
...bonds strongly and provides a suitable base for a wide range of topcoats. Can be overcoated with epoxy, alkyd, CR and polyurethane primers and topcoats.
Etch Primer (Two Pack)
...ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces requiring high performance etch bonding.
...high performance twin pack acid cured etch primer with excellent keying properties into steel and aluminium surfaces prior to full painting schedules.
...rapid drying and accepts all standard paint systems.
Brushing Primer
...a range of air drying alkyd based primer/undercoats primarily suitable for brush application to various substrates.
...suitable as a primer or undercoat for the finish or refurbishing of agricultural or vehicle exteriors in conjunction with Farmline or Procover finishes.
 Zinc Phosphate Primer
...steelwork primer prior to industrial and marine topcoats.
...alkyd based versatile zinc phosphate anticorrosive primer, which gives a high level of protection and adhesion to steelwork.
...contains no lead additives and is of low toxicity.
...can be re-coated with most air-drying finishes.
...finds use in all environments, agricultural, industrial, and marine and can be used on non-ferrous metals in conjunction with Etch Primer.
...converts sound or firm rust into a stable substrate that resists further surface oxidation.
...a primer where only limited surface preparation is possible.
...for use on railings, gates, guttering, drainpipes, pipework, piperacks, tank externals and most general steelwork not immersed.
Standard MIO Primer
...phenolic modified alkyd coating containing micaceous iron oxide which provides toughness and abrasion resistance on industrial structures.
...medium build coating is an effective primer/intermediate barrier to give maximum protection on exposed steel work.
...bridges, tank exteriors, castings, steel fabrications and industrial structures as a primer/intermediate coating which can be overcoated with conventional alkyd top coats.
 HB Zinc Phosphate Primer drying high build modified alkyd zinc phosphate primer with good adhesion, corrosion resistance and enamel hold out properties, which is designed for application onto steel surfaces.
...ideal for cost sensitive environments and fast turnaround operations.
...metal fabrications, process equipment, machine tools and other surfaces where fast drying and high build properties are required.
QDHB Primer drying universal high build modified alkyd zinc phosphate primer.
...good adhesion and corrosion resistance, and is designed for application to most surfaces.
...excellent drying and enamel hold out, which makes it an ideal base for Hi-Dur AD100 Finish.
...primer for metal fabrications, agricultural equipment, machine tools and most other surfaces where fast drying properties are required.

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