Industrial Finishes


Acrylic Clear Lacquer drying acrylic clear lacquer of excellent colour and gloss retention with particular resistance to U.V. attack.
...durable tough finish which is ideal for adverse weather environments.

...exterior and interior applications on wood, metal and most other receptive surfaces where good durability and non yellowing characteristics are required.
...provides a good protective system for Farglo Fluorescent Paint.


Finish Coats

...high quality, fast drying, medium build finish based on a short oil modified alkyd resin which produces a hard, glossy coating. This product exhibits high durability, gloss retention and resistance in industrial and agricultural environments.
...dry times are short, therefore overcoating times are reduced, giving a fast turnaround in application.

...machinery and plant, agricultural equipment, general fabrications and machine tools where a premium gloss is required.


High Build Gloss


...air-drying topcoat formulated for spray application onto suitably prepared surfaces. Ideal for use as a low cost system
...modified alkyd based resin system, containing weather resistant pigments, suitable for application onto a variety of suitably prepared steel substrates.


Bright Aluminium Paint

...high quality heat resistant aluminium paint for decorative and protective use on metalwork. Based on a modified hard resin system pigmented with leafing aluminium to provide good protection and a bright metallic finish.
...withstands heated surfaces up to 150?C.

...can be used on most metal surfaces such as ducting, chassis members, tank exteriors, pipework and in a solar reflective role where excessive temperatures need to be limited.


  Compliant Finish

A range of compliant solvent based air drying/force drying colour coats based on high solids resins and durable pigments, which exhibit exceptional

early water resistance.
Formulated for spray application onto suitably prepared ferrous surfaces.

Developed specifically as a VOC compliant coating for suitably prepared steel surfaces.


Chlorinated Rubber Finish

...A well served product based on chlorinated rubber giving high chemical resistance. Used in high humidity environments and aggressive exposure conditions. The products perform well on most types of substrate including concrete. Other features include high intercoat adhesion, low moisture permeability and resistance to acids alkalis, oxidants and sea water.
...Where chemical and water resistance are required in aggressive environments. May be applied to most metal surfaces, asbestos and concrete. Ideal for agricultural equipment, fabrications, superstructures, roofs, ship topsides and swimming pools.


Epoxy Finishes

...proven track record giving maximum protection against abrasion, solvents and chemicals in high wear and aggressive exposure conditions.
...ideal for marine, industrial and chemical environments on steel and concrete.

...olyamide cured two part epoxy systems of medium-high build pigmented with light stable, chemically resistant and durable colours. Available in standard and hi-build versions. conjunction with epoxy primers and intermediate coats, the products are suitable for metal fabrications, gas bottles, offshore structures, pipes, drainage systems and most steel and concrete surfaces.


Fluorescent Paint

...highly reflective fluorescent coatings designed for specific areas where a high degree of visibility is essential.
...highly transparent and durable fluorescent pigments dispersed in a non yellowing alkyd binder in four vivid colours.

...can be applied to wood, metal and concrete.
...colour brilliance will not fade and is active to both U.V. and daylight. equipment, warning signs, docking points, fire equipment, vehicle tailboards and marker buoys.


Vehicle & Maintenance (V&M) air drying enamels designed for the coating and refurbishing of agricultural, horticultural and construction machinery components. Based on a pure drying, oil modified alkyd blend with urethane in mixed hydrocarbon solvent.
...primarily suitable for brush and some spray application.

...for finishing or refurbishing machinery components to give a high quality durable finish, particularly where brush application is required. Optimum durability is achieved when used in conjunction with primers.


GP Industrial Gloss
...traditional alkyd based gloss finish for general use, where good covering, gloss and durability are required. Ideal for building and industrial use, both interior and exterior on many surfaces.
...all colours are lead free and this product is compliant.

...for interior and exterior surfaces including new and previously painted wood, metal, brick and stone where an economical finish is required. Ideal for general painting and for industrial and agricultural use.


Industrial Silicon Alkyd
...durable exterior quality enamel based on a silicone modified alkyd, suitable for metal components, the silicone modification provides weather resistance and high wear character.Ideal for metal components which may be subject to high wear or severe weathering environments. Excellent for use on large ferrous structures such as gasholders.


High Gloss Finish
High quality, medium build finish based on a short oil modified alkyd resin that produces a hard, glossy coating. This product exhibits high durability, gloss retention and resistance in industrial and agricultural environments drying times are longer than our standard Finish, therefore larger equipment can be coated without the danger of dry spray.


PU Single Pack Finish
High quality, medium build finish based on a polyurethane modified alkyd resin. The product is suitable for all types of application (brushing, hot spray etc.) and is ideal for repairers and original equipment manufacturers.
...good through drying and fast re-coat properties, excellent gloss and offers a superb long life finish with good resistance to chemical washing and chipping.


2 pack Polyurethane Enamel

...two pack polyurethane high durability finish with maximum performance and durability characteristics. Allows quick turnaround due to rapid film hardening with excellent chemical and solvent resistance.
...suitable for commercial and industrial usage where a high durability finish is required.


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