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Historic colours Collection

A collection of 120 colours drawn from Britain's rich tradition of architecture and design.

The Palladian Collection


…draws on the revival of interest in all aspects of Roman culture, particularly architecture.  The collection reflects the natural stone and earth colours found in the building materials in Roman times.

The Neo-Classical Collection


...draws on the style prevalent in the second half of the 18th century, inspired by the growing archaeological evidence of how the Romans decorated and furnished their buildings.  This collection embraces the clearer, lighter colours used at that time.

The Regency Collection


...draws on the eclectic period of 1800-1830, inspired by a succession of revivals of earlier English styles.  The collection reflects the introduction of stronger but still relatively subdued colours used in contrast to conventional creams and putties.

The Gothic Revival collection


...draws on the leading style of the 1830s and 1840s, based on the study of Medieval buildings and decorative objects.  The colours in this collection are noticeably rich and vibrant, drawn from Medieval decorative motifs such as would have been used in fabrics and ceramics.

The Victorian Eclectic Collection


...draws on the eclecticism of late Victorian taste, due in part to the developing trade links which brought into Britain exotic goods from the four corners of the globe.  These influences are reflected in this harmonious collection which is characterised by heavily saturated colours.

The Arts & Crafts Collection


...draws on the late 19th century movement, which sought to revive traditional building crafts and the use of local materials.  Craftsmanship, simplicity and good design using warm colours driven by nature, were used as a reaction against low quality, mass produced design.

The Art Deco Collection


...draws on the popular elegant style of the 1920s and 1930s.  Inspired by the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels held in Paris in 1925, the collection conveys an image of elegant luxary.

The 50s Sketchbook Collection


...draws on the creativity of post-war architecture and design when new housing and commercial buildings were urgently required. This challenge drove architects and designers to produce inspired design and decoration, adding a splash of colour to a Britain being rebuilt with mass produced materials.

Please note that we can only give a representation of actual colours, please contact us for actual samples and advice.  The actual colour may vary depending on the setup of your software/printer.