Car paint specialists in factory touch up paint for your car/van/motorcycle/ and machinery, we cover all aspects of car paint and refinishing ancillaries.

Custom paint matching, or for minor body repairs and dents, we have a full range of touch up pots & mixed aerosols made to your specification, including a wide choice of metallic car paints, larger quantities sold by the 500 ml & 1 litre.

Colours are custom mixed, so colour match is dependant on the information that you give to Regional Paints.

We have a vast product range, but to give you a sample of what we provide:~

 Aerosols ~ Clear Lacquer, Primers etc

 Ancillaries ~ Thinners, Tak Rags, Masking, Abrasives, Scotch Pads, DA Discs

 Body Fillers, High Build and Single Pack

 Tinned Paint ~ Primers, Basecoat etc

The right Start to the Perfect Finish

Interior Wood Finishes

Product Range